20 Country Love Songs

Black Gold 360 & Fumihito Sugawara
20 Country Love Songs
20 Country Love Songs
Black Gold 360 & Fumihito Sugawara
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  • A La Cumbre  
  • Gestalt 
  • Shogyou Mujou 
  • No Longer Blinded By The White Flash 
  • Run Boy Run  
  • Clam  
  • Tell Me What You Need, Show Me What You Got  
  • Little Boy And Fat Man  
  • Brother  
  • The Curfew Tower  

From Utrecht & Texas,

An Englishman living in Utrecht & a Japanese man living in Texas, Simon Sixsmith & Fumihito Sugawara have never met. They've never spoken on the phone.
But they have made this dirty electronic jazz record together.

They discovered each other releasing on US label Ropeadope and with the help of Kaldeway, Nobel, Roos & Wiltshire and the internet they were able to bring you this stylish, unpredictable, stylish album.

10 tracks, no love songs, no country music.