ghetto plasma blaster

æther generator
ghetto plasma blaster
ghetto plasma blaster
æther generator
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  • dissolving 
  • perfect replicant 
  • 888 stone steps to the top 
  • surface of a living moon 
  • to the sea 
  • fizzle 
  • pixel dust 
  • breaking clouds 
  • i am here. let me in 

From New Jersey, USA,

Barry Leaman & Steve Meltzer are æther generator, a duo
making music, primarily audible in the upper regions of heaven.
Meltzer drums like the devil and Leaman feeds these rhythms
through his wild but intricate custom-built effect units.
Then together they dance and spin and pulse until they generate æther .
Their music occupies all space and accounts for the propagation of
electromagnetic radiation through that space, infinitely converting sky into energy.

Confused ? Just listen.