Lawns Are Cursed

The Bleeding Mouth Sing-Along Band
Lawns Are Cursed
Lawns Are Cursed
The Bleeding Mouth Sing-Along Band
  • He’s Coming With The Horse 
  • Lutes 
  • Lawns are Cursed pt. 1 
  • Bzz 
  • The Submariner’s Journal 
  • Lawns Are Cursed pt. 2 
  • Elkton 
  • Beating a Dead Jockey 
  • Lawns Are Cursed pt. 3 
  • Horse Fucker 
  • Lawns Are Cursed pt. 4 
  • Venture Through The Frequency Chambers

From Philadelphia USA.

The band that put the "mental" in "Experimental.
Throughout their lives The Bleeding Mouth Sing-along Band died six times in total and have only been in three different vans.
They drag themselves across the floor to create beacons to communicate with the gods.
You think they're kidding ?

You have been warned.

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