Les Pays-Bas

Les Pays-Bas
Les Pays-Bas
  • Tango Para No Bailar 
  • Coffee & Cigarettes (while waiting) 
  • Theme I 
  • Cirque Theme II 
  • Almost a Preditor 
  • Remember november? 
  • The Motion 
  • Faster Than Light 
  • To & Fro 
  • Palindroom 
  • The Lovely Yvette Guilbert 
  • Bonne Nuite
  • Theme III 
  • Acapulco Scenery 
  • Capistah 
  • Theme IV

From Utrecht, Holland, Basnie is the artist name of Bas Niemans.

Bas is an accomplished video artist, which explains the truly filmic effect of his music.
It's not enough to say that Basnie's music is like the sound-track to a film because this music also includes the plot, sub-plot & dialogue.

Get yourself some pop-corn and a beer, he's going to show you something.

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