Orange Fish

Nik Snake F
Orange Fish
Orange Fish
Nik Snake F
  • Wind, Old Man and Sea 
  • Asbest 
  • Feo_meo 
  • Surfin 
  • Red Fish 
  • Cosa Nostra 
  • Jaune-rouge 
  • Orange Fish 
  • Spectre 
  • Parle Avec Elle 
  • Harum-scarum 
  • Serengeti in March 
  • One Moment of Autumn 
  • Masher 
  • 4 Years to Mars, You and I 
  • Paper

Nik Snake F is a Moscow-based musician/producer.

Born in the North Caucasus town of Prochladny, Russia, Nik began this project in 2009 after he met Savenkov Ilya and a group of influential experimental producers in Moscow.
The result was outstanding electrtonica with an unusual lightness - a feeling of air.

You can hear it, you can feel it. It will move you.

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