Picture The Frame

Alexander Matin
Picture The Frame
Picture The Frame
Alexander Matin
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  • White Canvas 
  • Blue Morning 
  • Turquoise Ocean 
  • Green Field 
  • Yellow Leaf 
  • Silver Mountain 
  • Orange Bird 
  • Grey Line 
  • Violet Sky 
  • Black Land 

From Utrecht, Holland,

Alexander Matin is best known for fronting of the Dutch indie-pop band Novack.

In the summer of 2012, he adopted a piano from a friend. After staring at it for a while, Alexander decided to leave the comfort of vocals and guitar and focus on the piano and the drum computer. After a short year of experimenting the result is a beautiful debut solo album.

Full of harmonies, cinematic sound-scapes & instrumental tensions 'Picture The Frame' offers a full pallet of drama.
And all in glorious technicolor.