Seven Years Of Dirt (Instrumentals)

Dia del Mercado
Seven Years Of Dirt (Instrumentals)
Seven Years Of Dirt (Instrumentals)
Dia del Mercado
  • Opening Scene 
  • Grain Of Sand 
  • Sulphur Lake 
  • Rain and Fire - part 1 - the Town 
  • Rain and Fire - part 2 - the Forest 
  • Intermezzo - The Wind 
  • Rain and Fire - part 3 - the Sea 
  • Market Day 
  • Dance of Unanswered Longing 
  • Fear Of Flying 
  • Town Of Crumbling Walls 
  • Western Slide - Closing Scene 

From Holland,

Dia del Mercado is the project of singer/songwriter Ruud Slingerland.
They make soundtracks of Americana road-movies, flying along dirt-roads under the burning desert sun in a 1970 Dodge Challenger with Ennio Morricone, Pink Floyd and Calexico.
Especially for the 2419 Record Label Ruud Slingerland reworked 'Seven Years of Dirt' into an 'Instrumental Soundtrack Version'.
Oh Man we're glad he did.