Rumbo Reverso

Rumbo Reverso
Rumbo Reverso
  • Carlos Amaral : Guitar, Drums
  • Mauricio Takara : Trumpet, Drums, Metallophone
  • Daniel Gralha : Trumpet
  • Cuca Ferreira : Baritone Sax
  • Paulo Moraes : Alto Sax
  • Leandro Archela : Keys
  • Iládio Davanse : Bass
  • Diogo Valentino : Bass
  • Mancha Leonel : Bass
  • Fabiane Trindade : Violin

From São Paulo, Brazil,

Rumbo Reverso is multi-instrumentalist Cacá Amaral.
Known for his drum work with FireFriend, Cacá has ventured out on his own subversive, experimental journey with a group of São Paulo musicians.

Beautiful, confident, graceful compositions reminiscent of Miles Davis circa Bitches Brew, Gary Burton & Sun Ra.

Rumbo Reverso acknowledge the importance of "the Album" and they've made an album that you can get lost in.
So come on ... get lost.